"The story of MAIAGALA: It may not be as colorful as you think."

MAIAGALA was primarily established by three recent graduates, with two of them residing in the UK (Birmingham and Coventry) and the third pursuing studies in Nantes, France. All three are now BASE in the U.S. Maiagala was created in August 2023. Let's get to know them better.

Take Aria, for instance. She's a fan of Japanese Y2K fashion and enjoys pairing socks with chunky-soled shoes. Her flair extends to her affinity for black and red makeup, yet she's always looking to push her style further. Her fashion puzzle is complete when she adds a silver-toned crossbody bag.

Now, let's talk about Jane. She's all about French-inspired ensembles, favoring gray blazer pants and white shirts. Her go-to accessory is a capacious tote bag, creating a look that's both simple and splendid.

Even Anson, though a man, has a penchant for selecting mini bags to complement his wife's charming dresses. It's a testament to the fact that fashion knows no gender boundaries.

So, why did they decide to venture into the world of women's handbags? Their desire was to create a brand that embodied their unique styles. However, finding a designer who could match their vision proved challenging. This led them to collaborate with a reputable supplier, who produces the styles preferred by our customers in the market, ensuring every product adheres to their stringent quality standards. From hand-picking materials to selecting hardware and even infusing a pleasant scent, each step is meticulously executed to provide customers with an exceptional experience. They hope that receiving a MAIAGALA bag feels worthwhile. Although the styles may not be the most unique on the market, they have put our vision for the future of MAIAGALA in our bags. As you can see MAIAGALA has a wide range of styles and colors, each of which you might think you can buy similar ones elsewhere, but for them they are unique to the current MAIAGALA. Of course, they would love to find a like-minded designer of women's bags.

The name "MAIAGALA" holds a straightforward yet profound significance. "MAIA" translates to "goddess," symbolizing the women who exude beauty when adorned with their bags. "GALA" conveys a sense of celebration and ceremony. Maybe you think it is vulgar, but actually what they want to express is that MAIAGALA is the birth of delightful, although now there exist many women's bag brands, no matter low price or high price, no matter luxury goods or affordable goods, but the existence of each bag and the price is set to cater to a different group of people, so they accept and agree with the existence of all of them.

Ultimately, they hope that the appearance of 'MAIAGALA' will make you feel happy, enrich your life, give you one more choice in your life, and we aspire to provide you with an additional style option and, over time, for MAIAGALA to become an integral part of your life.